As part of an SBE | Sustainable Built Environment conference series, BEYOND 2020 will not only serve as a stand-alone world conference with independent paper requirements and review process, but will also embrace the key findings from the 16 Regional Conferences taking place worldwide in 2018-2019.


The overall ambition of the World Sustainable Built Environment conference, BEYOND 2020 is to collectively formulate a roadmap for the built environment to support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. After careful analysis the Scientific Committee have selected 19 topics that form the initial framework for the conference program. The idea is that all topics have one or more connections to each of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To achieve this the conference program will provide participants with an expert analysis of the future context including foresight and futures thinking particularly for the period 2020-2030; leading edge position papers on climate change; technological innovations;  mobility;  urban futures;  regional differences;  disasters and refugee settlements;  leadership, governance and management;  change processes; scaling up of innovations; mitigation, adaptation, transition and transformation; and processes of resilience.

The Scientific Committee is seeking contributions that acknowledge the context and ambition and have a clear focus on at least one of the UN SDGs whilst recognizing that contributions may well be broader than this and may impact positively on more than one SDG. The contributions being sought need to address identified challenges and demonstrate innovations that begin to solve these challenges. We envisage that the contributions are likely to cover a range of possibilities including for example technological solutions, behavioural change, governmental interventions, economic and financial mechanisms, new theoretical concepts and directions, bottom up community actions and social movements, education, training, retraining programs and new approaches to research and innovation programs.

More details on the paper submission requirements will be provided in the first half of 2019.

Important Dates